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Musicians’ Wellness Speaker Series 2022-23
Musicians’ Wellness Speaker Series 2022-23

September 14 – 6 pm
Location: Howard Hanson Hall and live on zoom
o Brendan Fitzgerald, AuD
o Title: Earplugs: Why Bother?

October 5 – 6 pm
Location: Howard Hanson Hall and live on zoom
o Blaire Koerner, DMA
o Title: Making the Most of Your Time

November 2 – 6 pm
Location: Howard Hanson Hall and live on zoom
o Katie Fittipaldi, M.Mus
o Title: Alexander Technique and the Performing Artist

December 7 - 6 pm
Location: Howard Hanson Hall and live on zoom
o Sue Callan-Harris, MSPT, CLT,
o Title: Ready to Perform


January 11 – 6 pm
Location: TBA
o Chisato Marling, DMA
o Title: Sleep – Our Superpower

February 1 – 6 pm
Location: TBA
o Dagmar Kaufmann, Ph.D
o Title: Music Making, Mental Health, and the Identity of the Professional Musician

March 1 – 6 pm
Location: TBA
o Craig Cypher, Psy.D.
o Title: Performance Anxiety

April 5 – 6 pm
Location: TBA
o Kathryn Cowdrick
o Title: Finding a Healthy and Powerful Voice
Apr 5, 2023 06:00 PM
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Brendan Fitzgerald, AuD
September 14, 2022: Earplugs: Why Bother?
Sound levels can change suddenly in rehearsal and performances, and musicians are often tempted to skip using earplugs since the momentary “blast” doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Not all earplugs give you the same protection and understanding what you are getting can help preserve the hearing you have now for the rest of your career. Dr. Fitzgerald will be joined by Eastman students in this presentation to show what your actual exposure is in a practice room and on stage, and whether ear plugs could be part of your regular game plan.
Blaire Koerner, DMA
October 5: Making the Most of Your Time
Discover your time management personality type and the advantages and challenges it brings. Learn tools of the trade that will best suit your needs and come up with a plan to apply this directly to your daily life -from academics to practicing to personal time.
Katie Fittipaldi, M.Mus
November 2: Alexander Technique and the Performing Artist
Life in an intensive music program can be so inspiring, exciting, and beautiful but sometimes it can feel overwhelming.In this workshop we’ll be learning ‘The Ready List’-a list of four simple instructions that you can consciously give to yourself in any situation. The Ready List can be used as a prelude to any activity and can be a wonderfully supportive presence when you are feeling nervous, overwhelmed, under-pressure or simply trying to concentrate.
Sue Callan-Harris, MSPT, CLT
December 7: Ready to Perform
Performing artists follow the same guidelines as elite athletes in preparation for practice, rehearsal, and performance. In this presentation, we will offer screening tools for assessing the musician's physical capacity to meet the ergonomic demands of an upcoming performance schedule. We will also explore "tried and true” planning strategies for optimal physical performance.
Chisato Marling, DMA
January 11: Sleep – Our Superpower
Of course you need to sleep, but what can sleep do for us? The good, the bad, and the lack thereof. Let’s make sleep our superpower to reach our goals.
Dagmar Kaufmann, Ph.D
February 1: Taking Care of Your Mental Health
Craig Cypher, Psy.D.
March 1: Evolution and Alarm Bells: Understanding the Roots of Performance Anxiety
Dr. Cypher addresses the physiological and psychological underpinnings of performance anxiety and how performers can sharpen awareness and regulation skills to manage nerves and enhance performance.
Kathryn Cowdrick
April 5: Finding a Healthy and Powerful Voice
The goals of this talk are to help professional voice users-singers, actors, teachers and those in business and law-learn about the important ways our voices can be supported for longevity. Topics will include learning how we produce voice, how to set up a plan to support and present our speaking voice so that our message can be " heard" and the protocols to continue a life with good vocal health and stamina and singing without injury.