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CVS Boynton Colloquium Talk Series: Carlos Ponce
Abstract: Primates can reason visually about images with different statistical properties, such as photographs, art, and even computer-generated scenes. However, it is not well understood how visual cortex neurons allow this robust perceptual capacity. In this talk, we will explore the hypothesis that this capacity depends on neurons signaling distances between incoming visual information and learned templates we call prototypes, representing unique combinations of colors, shapes, and textures. By testing neurons in different regions of the monkey brain (including V1, V4, inferotemporal cortex and prefrontal cortex), we will show how to find activation peaks in a naturalistic image space, mapping neurons’ multidimensional tuning functions (tuning landscapes) around that peak. This approach will help us explain how our exceptional visual abilities relate to neuronal function.

Dec 14, 2022 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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